Smartivity Roller Coaster Marble Slide

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Kids can learn about Gravity, Motion Transfer and Banking by building the Roller Coaster Marble Slide, a mix of slider game and pool table. Once built, a kid can raise marbles along the wheel, and release them. As the marble slides down the track, they can alter the direction in which the marble will move with the help of levers on the two sides. On the marble-pool part of the game, kids can place marbles,in such a way that the striker marble coming from the slide track hits them and the strike sends them in the corner or side pockets.This new way of learning encourages kids to understand basic concepts of science through fun and games.The game focuses on enhancing creative intelligence, practical intelligence and analytical intelligence.There is a learner's log inside the kit which teaches the application of different science principles used in the game.All are "do it yourself" activities and this kit also includes a descriptive and illustrative instruction manual for understanding the assembling of different parts.Kids also learn about effects of gravity and banking of roads.
6-8 Years

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