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Model Building Kits

Model Building Kits

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Toy Kraft Turboz

You can also make Engineering and Emergency vehicles such as Cranes, Tow-trucks & Pick-ups, Truc.. . . .Read more
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Toy Kraft Starter Set 1

this Starter kit gives a practical exposure to a child with 20 models on first concepts of mechanic.. . . .Read more
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Toy Kraft Cranes

In fact, the tower crane is an inspiration for youngsters to become engineers and also a source for .. . . .Read more
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Uncle Milton Solar System In My Room

Teach your kids all about the solar system and how the planets revolve around the Sun. Set up the Un.. . . .Read more
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Uncle Milton Moon In my Room

Set up the Uncle Milton moon in my room model kit and watch as your kids enjoy... . . .Read more
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Worldwide-Create 13 splendid monuments, including the 7 wonders of the world, by following simple st.. . . .Read more
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Toy Kraft Powered

This Powered Set also enables one to make Engineering and Emergency vehicles such as Cranes, Tow-tru.. . . .Read more
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Toy Kraft Advanced Set

These metal construction sets are made up of various sizes of metal strips, carefully polished to sm.. . . .Read more
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