Smartivity Knock 'Em Rock 'Em Kubbs

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Smartivity projects are playful activities that makes your child smarter. These activities are collaborative arts, craft and science based projects designed around the theory of successful intelligence by Robert Sternberg.Once built, two children can play the game or one. Kids have to line up the pawns like in chess. The game is played turn by turn. During their turn, each kid can choose between knocking the other participant’s pawn or advancing their own.The aim is to knock off the rival’s pawns and reach their territory by advancing their own." This new way of learning encourages kids to understand basic concepts of science through fun and game.The game focuses on enhancing creative intelligence, practical intelligence and analytical intelligence.There is a learner's log inside the kit which teaches the application of different science principles used in the game.All are "do it yourself" activities and this kit also includes a descriptive and illustrative instruction manual for understanding the assembling of different parts.Kids can learn about Strategic Decision Making, Momentum and Elasticity.
8-10 Years

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