MadRat Madzzle Pyramids

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Over 5000 years ago, River Nile gave birth to one of the mightiest civilizations. The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt believed themselves to be gods! No wonder that the pyramids built by them still stand tall, ruling majestically over the desert. Time travel to the ancient city of Egypt, and discover the buried secrets. Get ready to explore this mystical era. Discover the technique of Mummification which preserved bodies for thousands of years, ancient locks with two feet long keys, and the invention of writing. Learn about Ancient Egypt & Pyramids enhance memory & concentration. Remember to use the Hieroglyph Kit to decode the mysterious symbols.Make the Great Pyramid puzzle.Learn about Ancient Egypt & Great Pyramids.Decode the mysterious Hieroglyph symbols.Play the Data Duel for a new game every time.

10-12 Years

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