Hexbug Ant 10

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Introduce your child to the world of robots with the Hexbug Ant.
It is a toy robot in the shape of an ant.
It behaves like a real bug and is fun to watch.
It is fast and comes with sensors that help the toy to react as soon as it comes in contact with obstacles.
It even changes directions when it bumps into things.
This is an amazing toy robot that your child will surely adore.

The product is comes in different colors, the one available will be shipped.

HEXBUG was designed to give children a positive experience with robotics at a young age. Their passion for robotics, as demonstrated by their VEX Robotics program, was the main catalyst fueling HEXBUG's inception. Hence, the brand was born! People are drawn to the HEXBUG brand for their products’ fascinating behavior, intelligent bug-like attributes and eye-catching packaging. Some of the products are so animated, they even fool cats, dogs and some humans into thinking they are alive!

6-8 Years

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