Imagimake ANIMALS on the Map

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Worldwide-Enhanced version which comes with a write and wipe map and a games and activity book.
Learn where the animals come from, play exciting games as you go along.
This unique playset combines model making, games and puzzles.
The set comes with 13 foam sets to make miniature 3D models (3-5 inch in size) of different Animals from around the world and play along with them using a write and wipe world map and a specially designed games and activity book to make it a lot more fun for kids as they learn about the animals To make the model you have to simply fix and glue the pieces together.
Each model can be made in just 4-5 simple steps by following the pictorial instruction.
To make it more fun try making it without the instruction and refer to it only if required. Elephant, Giraffe, Penguin, Walrus, Kangaroo, Tiger and 7 more Animals from around the world- your child will have lot of fun as he goes along making them Once you have all the Animals ready, fix the jig-saw write and wipe map (14in x 28 in size) , place the animals on top of it, to learn where they come from.
The set also comes with 10+activity and games book which contains games like Guess Who, Rescue the Animals or Make the most colourful zoo and word search, crack the code and so on. Your child will have an amazing time playing and learning about Animals.

6-8 Years

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