Smartivity Clickety Flix Retroscope Blue

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The Retroscope was among the first inventions to use Persistence of Vision to create an illusion of moving images - the first movie machine. With Clickety Flix Retroscope, children can now build their very own movie-making machine. Kids have to build the entire retroscope from scratch. The activity box comes with two sets of slides, a coloured set and a black and white set. Kids can also create their own slides to make their own movies.This new way of learning encourages kids to understand basic concepts of science through fun and games.The game focuses on enhancing creative intelligence, practical intelligence and analytical intelligence.There is a learner's log inside the kit which teaches the application of different science principles used in the game.Kids can understand The fundamentals of mechanics, Cam and Shaft functionality, How motion is transferred from one part to another in a machine.All are "do it yourself" activities and this kit also includes a descriptive and illustrative instruction manual for understanding the assembling of different parts.
8-10 Years

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