Hexbug Larva Zombie

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Infected by the Zombie Apocalypse, this Hexbug Larva Zombie slithers in a slow and rhythmic flexing motion, just like real-live larvae.
Ideal for children above the age of 8 years, this Hexbug is compliant with CPSIA standards.
Lifelike Behaviour With its slithering motion, the larva is eerily mesmerising and lifelike, not to forget - quite entertaining.
Translucent-Black Exoskeleton Adding to its eerie and creepy behaviour, this larva has a translucent-black exoskeleton that glows in the dark.
Reacts to its Environment Like real larvae, this creepy crawler fits in your hand and changes its direction when it senses an obstacle in its path, using its infrared eye which emits light to bounce off nearby objects.
It also has an infrared detector in the mouth that senses reflected light, indicating it to wriggle off on a clear path.

6-8 Years

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