Krishna & Balram Vol 2

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The heroic deeds of Krishna and Balram have been brought to colourful, action-packed animation through this volume.
The viewers would find five episodes titled Terror Under The River, Shankasura, Nagaloka, Aristhasur, and Rescuing River Yamuna in this disc.
This time Radha and her friends are in danger, as the snakes and crocodiles encircle them.
Krishna and Balram have such dangerous beings to face and defeat in order to save the girls. Also, the wicked monsters named Sankhasura and Arishthasur bring trouble to Krishna and Balram. But the monsters aren't aware of the power of these kids, and they gear up to teach these evil-minded ones a lesson.
While Krishna and Balram come out of one event, another trouble awaits them. Again, river Yamuna has been captivated mysteriously, and the humanity is suffering from drought.
If Krishna and Balram don't get Yamuna freed, the people would die of thirst.
With vivid characters and inspiring stories, Krishna And Balram Vol 2 is entertaining as well morally valuable for kids.
Format: Dolby, NTSC
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: Unknown
Number of discs: 1
Run Time: 82 minutes

6-8 Years

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