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Your child will start following personal hygiene rules and healthy habits in routine. He/she will understand the importance of hand washing, oral hygiene like brushing teeth twice a day, cleaning the tongue, bathing , keeping short nails, toilet habits, use of tissue for sneezing/coughing, prefering vegetables, healthy food, sleeping on time and a number of others in this game.
Contents:- A Play board, 4 Pawns & 1 Dice, 60 Green & 60 Red Energies, 4 Energy collectiong boards and Play rulls.
Players move on the board according to the throw of the dice.
On their way to finish the players land on pictures which depict some good and some bad habits/ hygiene rules.
If a player lands on a good habit he gets a good (green) energy and if he lands on a bad habit he gets a bad (red) energy.
The one who collects more goods energies becomes healthy and the one with bad ones in considered sick.

4-6 Years

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